Expungements In Louisiana

expungements In Louisiana

We’ve all done things in the past we’ve regretted. For some of us in South Louisiana that means we have a permanent blemish on our record. While the attorneys here at Stanley-Wallace Law can’t change your past we can help your future by expunging some of your past criminal mistakes.

Did you know that even your arrest record can be seen by employers? Without an expungement, third party reporting organizations can still pull up your public record and report their findings to potential employers, housing communities, and more.

what Is affected By My Public Record?

  • The right to vote;
  • Ability to receive government benefits;
  • Employment opportunities; and
  • Parental rights

what Is An Expungement?

In Louisiana you can apply to expunge your publicly accessible record. This means your arrest history and convictions* will be removed from public view. It is NOT removed from the law enforcement or court records. That doesn’t mean an expungement isn’t worth pursuing. Having blemishes on your public record can have detrimental affects on your credit, employment, and custody issues throughout the nation.

what Can Be Expunged*?

  • Arrests: Even if you weren’t convicted of anything, that arrest is still part of your public record.
  • Convictions: possession of a controlled dangerous substance, select felonies, misdeamnors, DUI, DWI, juvenille criminal history.
  • What CANNOT be expunged: violent offenses, sex offenses, crimes against minors, and drug trafficking offenses.

Note that just because your arrest or conviction is mentioned here it does not automatically mean you can get an expungement. There are other factors a Court considers (time frame from the arrest or completion of the sentence) and it is always up to the judge to decide if an expungement will be granted. That’s why it’s best to meet with us at Stanley-Wallace Law so we can talk through all the issues associated with your expungement.

how Much Does The Court Charge For An Expungement?

An expungement’s filing cost, i.e. what you pay to the Court, depends on what you are trying to expunge from your record in Louisiana. Most expungement filings are $550 but one involving a DUI is $650. These fees are mandated and regulated by the state.

how Much Will Stanley-wallace Law Charge To Handle My Expungement For Me?

In order for our attorneys to handle the time-consuming paperwork and process to secure your expungement from the Court, we must charge you for our services. Our rate is dependent on the type of expungement you are seeking. This is why we offer a consultation– so we can hear your case and determine what is the most affordable and cost-effective route for you and your family. To file the expungement, there is a cost that the state requires which is from $500-$600. These are costs which are paid directly to the clerk’s office. If you file an expungement paperwork wrong on your end or hire an inexperienced attorney to file it and it gets rejected, then you have to pay the $500-$600 filing fee to the state…again.

am I Eligible For A Filing Fee Waiver With The Court?

Save yourself time & costs by meeting with our attorneys to see if you are eligible for a state-issued fee waiver. This means you would not have to pay the $550-$650 filing fee for your expungement (but if you hire us then you would still have to pay our experienced attorneys for their services in drafting your expungement and navigating the legal system on your behalf). In order to be eligible for a fee waiver you can’t have any prior or pending felonies and the offense you were prosecuted with ended in an acquittal, motion to quash, or has been dismissed/refused and the time limit for prosecution has expired. We highly recommend meeting with our skilled attorneys to determine if your case ended in any of those manners.

In order to be eligible for a fee waiver you can’t have any prior or pending felonies and the offense.


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There are no guarantees your record will be expunged as it is up to the Court’s discretion.

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